air conditioning systems milan

Based in Torre Boldone, in the province of Bergamo, I.T. is a leader in the climate control sector, offering  air conditioning systems  for shops, showrooms, restaurants and other establishments open to the public.

Design, installation and technical support

Thanks to their many years of experience in the sector to date, the company has highly qualified technicians available to assist customers from the design phase until the system is installed. For climate and temperature control in shops, I.T. offers devices capable of ensuring the ideal temperature during all seasons, with functional filtration systems and internal air recycling. In order to ensure the comfort of those who work, as well as the well-being of the public, the systems are constantly subjected to technical support operations and periodic maintenance, ensuring maximum safety and consistently excellent performance.

Single-split and multi-split air conditioners

The firm, which also operates in the provinces of Milan and Monza Brianza, offers air conditioning systems for shops with single-split and multi-split technology, either wall, ceiling, floor mounted or ducted and, thanks to their modern design, able to blend in with the surrounding environment. The silent and efficient systems are available in cooling only or with a heat pump and they combine low fuel consumption with excellent performance thanks to inverter technology. To request technical advice and further information on the products in the catalogue, please contact I.T. by calling 035.344321.

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