Turning to a company which produces turnkey heating systems  helps to reduce costs considerably as both the design and installation are handled by the same staff. I.T., a Torre Boldone business in the province of Bergamo, offers specialized services in the field of plant design and also operates in Milan and Monza.


Types of heating systems

By heating systems we mean all those structures whose function is to heat homes or those buildings destined to house offices and businesses. We can currently install systems with either base or condensing gas boilers which pump a carrier fluid, usually water, to heating units such as radiators and radiant panels. These are equipped with environmental thermoregulators i.e. with a thermostat or timer. I.T.'s technical department advises its customers on the type of system most suited to their needs, taking into account a number of factors including the size of the rooms, the number of occupants and the budget for the construction and commissioning.

Installation and maintenance

Production of turnkey heating systems involves assembly, supplying all the components and the drawing up of a schedule for maintenance operations. The firm's technicians are actually available for both routine and extraordinary maintenance.

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