I.T. is today a reference point for scheduled maintenance  operations on air conditioning systems  for commercial use. Correct operation of the climate control system is vital to ensure a comfortable, healthy environment in shops, restaurants, showrooms and any public premises.


Regular service packages

Based in Torre Boldone, I.T. operates successfully in the provinces of Bergamo, Milan and Monza Brianza, by offering advantageous scheduled maintenance contracts for air conditioning systems installed in shops and commercial businesses. From cooling-only models to versatile heat pump technology, the firm provides reliable and comprehensive service operations, ensuring the safety and proper functioning of systems as well as monitoring their energy consumption. It is a well-known fact that a system which is not fully functional causes significant energy losses leading to increased fuel bills.

Comfort, safety and energy efficiency

Energy efficiency thus relies on constantly checking the system's operation; this guarantees excellent performance and reduced fuel consumption, and protects the environment by regularly analyzing smoke and polluting emissions. I.T. selects the best makes of equipment, providing original, guaranteed and certified spare parts. To request more information about scheduled maintenance services for air conditioning systems, please contact 035.344323 immediately. Promotions and special rates for shops, restaurants and other businesses open to the public.

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